An Online Virtual Escape Adventure

"A digital escape like no other" -  Review The Room

"Another beautiful production" - Escape The Roomers

"Mesmerising cinematic experience" - Escape Mattster

The Thames Tunnel at The Brunel Museum in London was the world’s first underwater tunnel, and Deadlocked Escape Rooms have collaborated with The Brunel Museum to create our most cinematic adventure yet.

What starts as a simple task of helping contractor Joey Beamish with some network tests soon explodes into a time travelling romp through the true stories of the Thames Tunnel.

Watch the trailer here

  • 12 minutes of high quality video creating what we think is the most cinematic virtual escape room ever.
  • Approximately 90-120 minutes of puzzle filled gameplay.
  • Based on the true history of the Thames Tunnel (N.B. Time Travel may be a little artistic license)
  • A tonne of fully voiced characters and in-character hints available throughout.
  • Start and stop whenever you want. Your progress is automatically saved in case you need to break for any reason.
  • You’ll have the entire internet at your fingertips for your sleuthing, and nothing is out of bounds.
  • 100% of the proceeds go directly to the charity (minus credit card fees to the banks).
  • 1-6 players, playable exactly how you want; either 1 person sharing screen or everyone logging in to experience everything themselves!
  • Accessibility options for colour blind players and subtitles for those that need/prefer them.
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