Can I buy this from overseas?
You can buy and play this game from anywhere in the world, but if you're from outside the UK, it may not let you purchase directly with the museum. The easy solution is to make a direct donation to the charity on the Brunel Museum web page and send them a quick email to let them know you've done so to buy the game. They do operate on normal business hours, so if you are planning to get your team together, and are outside the UK, we recommend you buy the game early. If you need it last minute, get in touch with Deadlocked Escape Rooms on Facebook Messenger, as we are often up and working at all hours!

Can I play this with other households?
Absolutely, just gather your team, fire up your video call, and either input your Mo Code in at the same time or *pro tip* make use of screen sharing facilities.

Does everyone need to buy a copy?
The game only requires you make one purchase per team (ideally of around 4 players). Obviously if you’d like to support the Brunel Museum more, then feel free to buy one each.

How do I get hints?
Hints are available in-game, we’ve tried to make this game incredibly narratively propelled, so your assistance will be given by characters that you find and interact with during the game by either clicking various ‘assistance’ buttons, or asking the character you meet in chat. Pro tip, look for clues in the chat telling you what to ask for! If you're totally stuck, the 'Help' page contains a full walkthrough.

What do I need to play?
An internet connection, a desktop/laptop, and the ability to open twitter and browse it - an account isn't generally needed to find the clues left for you! 

Do I need a printer?
No, everything is designed to be self-contained.

How many people can play?
Play solo, or reach out to someone to join you. We recommend teams no larger than 6, any more than that then we advise buying multiple copies (a copy per team), splitting into smaller groups and going head-to-head for the best time.
For huge teams or to use this game for corporate/teambuilding use, just get in touch with us – info@deadlockedrooms.com .

Is there a time limit or schedule to play?
Not at all. You can play entirely at your own pace, and pause and restart at any point. We recommend that you keep a record of what you’ve solved though, to allow you to continue from the same point.