Stuck in game?

The game has a robust hint system, but sometimes even the best players can't make head nor sense of things. On the right is a complete walkthrough of the game in video format. Only watch this if you're completely stuck and don't understand the hints given in-game. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

Need Technical assistance?

How do I start this thing?

When you buy the game, you should have been instantly sent a PDF with an access code and a link to play the game. Check your spam folder if you can't seem to find it, or get in touch with the Brunel Museum or Deadlocked Escape Rooms directly.

The game isn't loading properly!

Don't forget that you'll need to be using a desktop or a laptop to run the game, and an up to date web browser (we recommend Google Chrome). N.B. Safari is not supported.

The game seems to have frozen.

Tunnelling Through Time is quite a processor intensive game, so if your machine is too old, it may struggle a bit, but this shouldn't stop it loading. There is a lot of video within the game, so depending on the speed of your connection, it may have not loaded the next video properly. The game will automatically save your progress, so feel free to refresh the game page, log back in again and it should place you back where you were in the game.

Any other issues

If in doubt, refresh the page, and log back in. You should be taken back to where your were in the game, and if it's a problem with something not loading properly, which could corrupt the game itself, this should solve it. Anything beyond this, we recommend getting in touch with Deadlocked Escape Rooms directly - Facebook Messenger is normally a good bet for a more instant response!